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Softnoise Studio is a New York City-based jewelry brand focused on capturing ephemeral moments in sculptural forms. We seek to preserve intimate touches and everyday experiences as timeless objects that grow with their wearer. There is a poetic beauty when the wearer interacts with the imprinted past, reencounters the embedded touch, and uncovers untold stories.

Like an object unearthed in an archaeological site, its imperfections and broken edges tangibly express a distant past. The weathered object, far from a mere museum specimen, is a bridge to lives as warm and vibrant as our own. Each piece will weather with new encounters and can be passed along to grow with new stories.

Spontaneity is central to our creative process. Material inspires us and often leads us to unforeseen directions. It is a child born of conscious and unconscious drives. Each piece has its own essence, characteristics and ongoing journey.


Contact @softnoise_studio for collaborative projects, bespoke designs or other inquiries.